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W Plus 9 Tulips

by | May 31, 2017 | Blog, Happy Thoughts, No-Line Coloring, W Plus 9, Watercolor

So this is a bit of a humility post, stick with me. I painted the watercolor portion of this card at Simon Says Stamp Create back in April. It was a class taught by Dawn Woleslagle of W Plus 9 with the exclusive Create Something Beautiful stamp set designed especially for Create. I adore Dawn and was all too happy to be able to take a class with her in person. I had previously participated in a class she instructed on onlincecardclasses.com called Watercolor for Card makers: Intermediate Techniques. I learned so much. The most valuable lesson, for me, was about watercolor and what makes it move: pigment loads versus water and the like. You’ll learn to create or avoid what some people call the dreaded “bloom” and so much more. It was a $25 well spent! Since OCC students have lifetime access to classes they have purchased, I intend to go through it again. There is so much information to absorb!

Here’s the humility part of the post. Look closely at this image. I painted it in and hour and half. It has so many flaws. Blow it up by clicking View and then Zoom at the very top of your screen. I wanted to go back and add depth, shadow and crisp lines before I shared here, but I decided the piece deserved to stand alone – mistakes and all. Yes, it is easy to go back and add detail to watercolor. Let me ask you this though, how many mistakes did you see, even after I asked you to go back and look it over? I’m willing to bet it is nowhere near the dozens I can count. The point is this: no one will critique your work like you do. If you stop or slow your creation because you are obsessing over perfection – stop. No one notices that level of detail but you. As a Type A personality, I get it. Completely. I love the details, I do. Don’t let them steal your mojo or confidence though. Create, share, engage, post. You will be so impressed with yourself when you revisit those old posts. The proof is in my Instagram feed, and many other creatives feeds too.

I’ve come along way baby! I’ma keepin it goin and I hope that you do to. Practice makes progress.

Oh, and yes, this was supposed to be for Mother’s Day. Let’s just say I am super early for next year! *insert huge cheesy grin*

Thanks so much for joining me in my Creative Bliss today. I hope that you’ll visit yours today too!

xxoo, Janette


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