I get asked regularly, “What do you do with all these cards?” Friends, I use them. Every one of them. My girls snag a few for their friends on occasion, but mostly I make them as I need them for birthdays, thanks and otherwise. If I am making something because the image inspires me, with no recipient in mind, I often leave the interior blank so that I may personalize for an occasion and specific friend.

This card was no exception. I keep a running list of upcoming birthdays near my craft area. When I saw Katie’s name next – I knew it was going to be orange-ish and geometric. I don’t even know if orange is her color, but that’s what popped in my head so I ran with it! She is a sport, a fantastic friend, and up for anything. I’m sure I had some sassy sentiment on the inside, but I have slept since then and cannot remember what it was. Likely something from the Lil Inker Designs Keep it Sassy stamp set, since I found it with the blogging folder. No doubt it made her smile, whatever it was! In fact, I know it did – she buzzed to thank me for it! <3

The technique for this card you can do so much with! I craft on a grided self healing mat. The lines on the mat are what created this grid lines on the card. I simply smooshed 3 Distress Inks (listed below) on the mat in an area a bit larger than the A2 watercolor card panel. Misted the ink with water, and layed the panel on top. When I picked it up, I was so pleased with the design. Look around, what can you use to create texture?

Once the card panel dried, I used the Misti tool to stamp the candles first, then sentiment. I used W Plus 9 black waterproof Pure Color ink. Next, I applied the watercolor panel to black glitter cardstock and a card base. Finally, I added Nuvo Drops (listed below) in 2 colors for a glittery flame effect. I used the lighter one first to fill in the full flame and then put the tip of the second color right into the first (still wet) and added the darker base. Nuvo drops are awesome. I like to let mine dry overnight, so I prefer to apply them last.

Thank you so much for visiting today. May all your families and friends stay safe and thrive throughout the Thanksgiving holiday! Hoping creative bliss can be yours, as well!